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Anonymous asked:

tell us about your girlfriend! :)


There’s so much to say and so little words I can use. Honestly, she’s just perfect. I know she doesn’t see it and she’ll never believe me when I tell her, but she really is. She does nothing but love me unconditionally. She wants to do nothing but help me and supports and she’s one of the most loving and generous person I’ve ever met. There’s never a time when I can’t come to her to talk about things, and I know she’ll always be supportive. She makes me laugh like no other, like she makes me all giddy like a little girl lol. She can make me smile no matter how shitty I’m feeling. And even though were miles apart, in separate countries, I can feel the love she gives me. Because it’s true love and I don’t have to be there to feel it. She loves me no matter what. She loves me on my good days, my bad days, my bitchy days, my hyper days, my down days. It doesn’t matter. We may fight and argue over dumb shit but never once does she doubt that we’re supposed to be together. After a fight we just get stronger and love each other that much more. And even though distance is an absolute bitch, she never let’s it get in the way. She’s just everything good I can imagine in a person and I’m honestly so lucky to have her. And I’m even luckier to be able to actually go see her and be with her, where I’m supposed to be.

Made me speechless, how’d I get so lucky?

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